Simulated Bubble Wrap?

What has lately come to my attention is a flash version of simulated bubble wrap.

This reminds me of Big Red Button that was reported on many ages ago elsewhere. The implicit objective is to pop the bubbles. We know this if we have previous experience with bubble wrap because when we find out what it does, we often become compelled to pop them all. This and sometimes people make ‘contests’ out of it where you try and pop the bubbles as fast as possible. As such, it’s more a ‘sandbox’ environment that perhaps gets its more ‘game-like’ qualities from the point-and-click interface, added with a bit of inexplicable desire to pop the bubbles. Perhaps it is more the interface’s relationship to others that we know to be games where this relationship comes in.

But is it relaxing as the real deal? The trouble is, it doesn’t have the tactile quality of an actual sheet of bubble wrap (or in Red Dwarf lingo, “tension sheets” whose ‘invention’ made the guy filthy stinking disgustedly rich). The SFX are kind of muddy, too, which doesn’t add to the experience. It also makes one wonder just how effective this thing is (didn’t do anything for me but make me write this letter, but it’s being distributed via chain mail). Perhaps there’s just nothing else to do in the office.


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