Automated Super Mario World Orchestra

Those crazy Japanese have done it again. You may remember seeing some self-playing Super Mario World levels on YouTube, but this is an entirely new approach: a self-playing Super Mario World level that produces sound effects in time with a massive medley! A self-playing or automatic Super Mario World level is one where no player input is used other than to start the level – the natural physics of Mario moving through the world and interacting with objects increases and decreases his speed and allows the game to play itself.

Simply amazing. I think the track is called ‘Nikoniko Douga’ and a karaoke version of it exists as well. The interesting thing about this is that it goes through such an incredibly roundabout way to produce music, you can recognize it as a piece of art, but one that has gone through a Rube Goldberg method of doing so! Is Rube Goldberg and giant Domino mazes art? Does it comment on the human condition in an overly mechanized and bureaucratic world where policy and procedure make it impossible to go from A to B without first going through points C, F, D, E, and G, in that order? Well, we at least know this sort of thing is entertainment! Though it makes me wonder if they can push automated Super Mario World levels any further than this…


One Response to “Automated Super Mario World Orchestra”

  1. nick Says:

    hey i just saw this video just yesterday! its crazzy!

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