The Coolest Game Art Page Ever

We’re covering gender in games in the next class on game studies and so I was looking for the LHOOQ Tomb Raider Photoshop as some commentary material. I found it stuck on this website, Konstperspectiv, which is dedicated to ludic media art of all kinds!* The site has a list of art works along with images, a description of the original game, and a description of the artwork. In addition, there is a MASSIVE collection of links to books and articles on the subject as well as a list of videogame films! The only downside is that the site is in Swedish, so you’ll have to use a Google Translate to read the commentary.

It’s in the same realm of cool as the Digiplay Initiative.

*Ludic media art is a term I have created to describe art works that use games as their source material or inspiration, but are not necessarily games in and of themselves. It is derived from the now-popular Latin word for ‘games,’ ludus.


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