T-Shirt Suggests Emergent Play?

Capcom introduced a shirt for their new Resident Evil game that they will be handing out at Comic Con in San Diego. This is a really cool conference to go to this year because Hayao Miyazaki will be attending as well! This t-shirt is also one of the more original shirts to be printed in awhile:

Yeah, so I don’t know what’s creepeier – the zombie or this guy’s chest! (Or the possibility the face could come alive and eat you when you put it on!) Anyway, this is the underside of the shirt – lift it up over your head, and you become a zombie! Spooky! It also looks like it kind of pulls your arms up into a ‘zombie walk’ position. It sure is an ingenious t-shirt design!

The emergent play comes in from the roleplay this kind of shirt would suggest. Get a whole bunch of people in a room with zombie shirts and have some people start with the shirts on and others with the shirts off. The people who do not have shirts over their heads are the normal people while the people with shirts on are the victims. Rule is, if you get touched by a zombie (or grabbed by one) you become a zombie and have to pull your shirt over your head! And don’t worry – you can wear another shirt underneath the zombie shirt so you don’t have to bare your chest! In fact, you could design another shirt with the body of a zombie and wear that beneath this one!

Now with a shirt over your head, you can’t see where you’re going, just sense using ears. Zombies are kind of stupid anyway, but they do go crazy when they sense people. The healthy people have to somehow navigate through the room. Their goal is to survive for as long as possible or to achieve some other goal (for instance, find the zombie cure or kill all the zombies with the weapon). The weapon could be a foam bat or squirt gun or something and you’d have to nerf the zombie three times before he goes down (that way, the zombie has a chance to react). You could heal a zombie by pulling the zombie mask down without getting caught (VERY dangerous!). There are lots of opportunities for emergent play, so it would make a great party game! Might be best to have a referee though to make sure people don’t knock over drinks and expensive televisions or otherwise hurt themselves 🙂

It wouldn’t surprise me if Capcom tries some form of emergent game like this. And while it would be cooler to have actual zombie shirts, you could play the game with home-made zombie shirts – or just regular shirts! The zombies just add flavor to it.


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