More on 3D TV?

Sony recently debuted a few games running in full 3D using glasses and a special HDTV at the Consumer Electronics Show. As I’ve stated below, I’m not convinced these are going to stick (especially with the 2011 and 2012 arrival dates). The effects of Toy Story and Avatar in 3D are going to be quite interesting, so I’ll wait and see what kind of impact these have on films of the next three years. But I doubt it will become a dominant medium simply because it requires people to put on glasses.

On the other hand, the head tracking on the Wii might show its head in Project Natal using head recognition software in the video camera. Of course, this same technology could integrated with a webcam or even Sony’s EyeToy to create a head tracking experience for single-user games and computers – and what is more single-user than a laptop?


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