Steven Colbert Designs Antiwar Games

It’s great to see that one of comedy’s greatest hosts is also an avid board game designer. Tonight on the Colbert Report, Steven displayed two games about the Afghan War and the Iraq War: Afghanistandyland and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Afghanistandyland uses the chart demonstrating the War Department’s new plan for Afghanistan. The chart has been redesigned as the game board with the place names recommissioned as farcical Candyland spaces. Pawns are now opium growers, opium growers, warlords who are also opium growers, and a thimble full of opium. Dice rolls? You get to ignore the value. Cards drawn? Well, let’s just say I think I’ve seen this game before. Check out the video (game clips begin at about 3:30).

The second game is more of a gag than an actual rhetorical deliverable. Operation Iraqi Freedom is a modification of an Operation game board. One of the objectives is to locate the wishbone of mass destruction…which sadly cannot be discovered.

In both instances, a board game has been created as satire. While both are technically deliverable, I feel the first one has greater potential (the joke was certainly more developed), though both use the unwinnable game as reference to current beliefs about the war (the game is unwinnable given the tactics and tools available).


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