Torsten Koerting’s The NextGen Decision Game

Just discovered this on a random blog. Torsten Koerting, a disgruntled employee of Virgin Blue Airlines, has created a rhetorical game of Chutes and Ladders based on the real-life decision making processes (or apparent lack thereof) at the company. The key rule here: Complete the game if you can.

The NextGen Decision Game reminds me of Ian Bogost’s Kinko’s game. Each card is based on actual situations that occurred to Koerting or his coworkers on the job. The board layout begins in the Hangar and ends at the Decision, some 50 squares away. Koersten e-mailed copies of the game out in his final message to the staff. He had resigned in frustration after being kicked back from a promotion.

There are also some neat design decisions for the board. It contains basic instructions printed on a two-page spread, and if you look at the playing pieces, they have little icons indicating where to cut and where to paste – simply brilliant. I think this is an excellent example to show students of game design because it was simple to create, it helped the designer vent his frustrations, it allowed him to get his point across, and it had excellent presentation as a PDF.


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