Al Pacini, the Pacifist Mafioso

I have started Mafia Wars trying to play through as a pacifist named Al ‘Pace’ Pacini. I figure this is a strange way of playing the game, so I want to see how effective it is. The game is much better than the other one I was playing, Viking Clan, which I think is too bad that I’m not playing it ‘how you’re supposed to’ because I think it would be a lot more fun as there is more to do. In any event, I’m going to see how well this works and if it’s even possible to be a pacifist mafioso.

Anyway, playing a MMO as a pacifist has been done before in World of Warcraft. While I don’t want to say this is based off his gameplay, it’s important to note. I am also wondering now if I should have put ‘The Pacifist’ in his name. For those who take the hint though, ‘Pace’ is his nickname, which is Italian for ‘Peace’. Here are the rules for Al Pacini:

  • Al Pacini cannot harm anyone physically as it is against his nature. This means he can’t ‘beat up a rival gangster’.
  • He certainly can’t kill anyone. This means no fights and no hit jobs.
  • He can buy armor, baseball bats, and crowbars, as well as trucks and properties.
  • I think he is allowed to own a gun because he doesn’t necessarily have to use it on anybody. Vash the Stampede was a pacifist and he shot a lot. Note that Noor, the WoW player, refused to buy any weapons, so I haven’t fully decided on this one yet.
  • If Al Pacini is attacked, he cannot counterattack.
  • For this reason, he can’t use skill points to build up his attack. But he can use them to build defense.
  • Al Pacini might not be able to let harm come to somebody through an action of his own. This means he can’t put a hit on somebody else.
  • He also can’t use the ‘Sgt. York’ argument that ‘killing the machinegunners will save lives’. He can’t work around this fundamental idea that he can’t kill or hurt someone.

Here are the jobs he can definitely take:

Corner Store Holdup – While it suggests he beats somebody up, most holdups don’t end in violence. Al Pacini has become a master of tricking people into believing they are being threatened when in fact he would not beat them up. He would, however, smash windows.

Collect on a Loan – Al Pacini loans money and then racks up exorbitant loan fees. People are afraid of the baseball bat, which is painted red but has never been used to hit someone.

Collect on Protection Money – Suggests he beats somebody up, but I feel the baseball bat can be used ‘threateningly’ and they will give up the money. Otherwise, he can smash things. “This is quite a nice army base you have here, Colonel. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to it now, would we?”

The following can’t be taken because they explicitly describe killing or harming someone: Mugging, Beat Up a Rival Gangster, Rough Up Dealers, Take Out a Rogue Cop, Perform a Hit.

Should Al Pacini be allowed to own a gun? Well, I think he starts the game with a revolver (I can’t get rid of it) so this means he has some interest in weapons. Maybe he collects them or shoots them at targets for a hobby. However, by definition, Al Pacini is incapable of using a weapon to harm someone. Additionally, not owning any weapons would make it difficult for him to do jobs that involve firearms. Because of this, I think Al Pacini would be allowed to Rob a Warehouse, steal a car (Auto Theft), or Rob a Pimp. In these cases, guns are used to threaten, but are not used to hurt or kill. Because Al Pacini is incapable of harming someone, I will have to assume that he simply threatens. However, because I haven’t decided yet, he hasn’t bought any weapons.


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