Al Pacini’s Quest to Bring Peace to Mafia Land Continues…

Al Pacini has suffered his first attack, and it is pretty deadly. He took nearly 60 points of damage (about half his HP) and had some $30,000 stolen (actually, as I write this, he got whomped again for another 90 points – after a timely trip to the hospital). Al Pacini decides to turn the other cheek, but also feels it is a valid tactic to place his money in the bank, accepting the 10% laundering fee. He also thinks it will be a good tactic to increase his defense. So it is a balance between increasing operations profits and increasing defense.

I have discovered that it is most economical to buy 10 of something at once rather than a little at a time. This is because each time you build something, the cost effectively doubles. Or at least that’s how it worked in Viking Clan. So now he is saving up for some Rent Houses to add to his Abandoned Lot, but needs about $30,000 more (funny how that worked out!). Thankfully, the Loan Collecting scheme is very profitable, netting $2,000 for each 2 points of energy. (You see, Facebook games are as much about numbers as checking them regularly).


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