Strong Fellowship – Day 4

It’s hard to believe that my first week in the museum is almost done. So far, I’ve checked one box of documents that didn’t prove too useful and gone through about three linear feet of Play Meter magazines. The good news is I’ve only got about a year’s worth of magazines to go through yet, which means I should be done with Play Meter by about lunchtime tomorrow. The bad news (or maybe good, since the research is enjoyable) is I still have to look through Playthings, Tilt, and Replay. I have no idea the size of the latter two, but Playthings takes up a couple good-sized shelves…

So far, I am making sure to get things such as the cover, index, and hardware performance lists. Beyond that, I check the news and any articles dealing with video arcade performance. The articles that discuss the impact of home console games in particular are interesting, as are those that talk about the ‘crash’ or ‘shakeout’ (vocabulary differs). The Year in Review are particularly useful, as are the yearly surveys. I also like the reviews since they give a detailed look at notable vids and pins of the time – will have to analyze in more detail.

JP told me Play Meter is something they’ve been collecting only over the past year or so, which explains why there are very few volumes, and what’s there is in fairly poor shape. Each year has several volumes missing – some years are missing entirely. Luckily, I’ve managed to speed up the search process. I’ve also duplicated a few promising articles on my iPad, but haven’t had time to read over them in any great detail. Again, multiple screens and multitasking would be nice on the iPad…but it’s not going to happen.

Also discovered the cafeteria closes at 3:00, which sucked since I wanted a pizza about 3:30. Speaking of, it was a real pain making dinner tonight, so I’m glad I’ll have leftovers for tomorrow. Also, the walk to and from the museum is getting better – my ankles don’t hurt as much, but I wish there was much less ice on the sidewalk.

I was also informed that my picture will e daken for a press release tomorrow. Pretty excited about that – they’re very professionally done.


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