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Food Fight

March 2, 2008

One of my friends recently sent me this link: Food Fight. It’s a stop-motion animation using food depicting the whole of American modern warfare, from World War II to the present.

For instance, the Cold War is depicted as a size contest between a hamburger and a salad(?) with both competing to make the largest stack or pile. Each country is represented by a different kind of food (Germany, for instance, I’m pretty sure are pretzels and Japan is sushi; the United States are hamburgers). At first you can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the concept and the overly dramatic music. However, things really start hitting home once it gets to the 90s, making the final scenes incredibly powerful. Contemporary warfare is still too close to reality for us, and I suppose World War I and World War II wouldn’t be so funny if we were still living in the 50s. Cleaning up the corpses of the battlefield of modern warfare at the end perfectly grounds the film back into reality. It’s a film that makes us laugh and then makes us think and it speaks for itself quite well.