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Pink Tanks and Robyn Miller

March 31, 2008

Recently found another interesting antiwar protest. This time, it’s an underground movement of people who paint tanks pink! Actually, it’s kind of difficult to think of a way of emasculating something even more than spraypainting the whole thing pink. Our culture just has this in-built symbolism that pink = girly stuff, which makes it great for activist art like this. I’ve also seen t-shirts with pink army men on them, so this doesn’t appear to be limited to public activist art. There is also a link here to a story about an account regarding a pink tank piece, Operacio Elefant Rosa (Operation Pink Elephant!).

Pink Tank

Now what’s Robyn Miller have to do with all this? The source of this information, Tinselman, is his blog. There’s a lot of great material here and certainly worth digging to if I ever get the chance…

Actually, now that I think about it, I wonder if there’s opportunity here to do Pink Giant Tank