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Strippers and Viral hacking ‘games’

November 5, 2007

Recently came across this interesting news article. I suppose the word ‘stripper’ is bound to get plenty of hits.

The stripper entices the user to enter a jumble of letters and when a jumble is entered correctly, the stripper disrobes. But she never fully disrobes – the program (game?) will always reset. So here is a game that can never be beaten, if it is in fact a game (and it sounds like it could easily be interpreted as one!). Now the jumble of letters is used to help decode passwords to banks and the like. It’s viral hacking. Which reminds me of the game of ‘defragging your hard drive’ one of the DMS grads made.

If you ask me, a better design would be to suggest to the player that they just weren’t fast enough with the decodings – that makes it addicting (or at least more addicting than it was before). Like the mythical(ly false) ‘nude Samus’ ending from Metroid, if you just beat it a little faster, maybe she’ll take off the rest of it… Adding a timer would probably defeat the purpose though as it would be too easy to tell there is no way to win.

Game or not, it suggests a future for viral gaming where the players unwittingly perform work disguised as play. It’s not that far off from Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) if you think about it…