Strong Fellowship – Day 16

I have to admit… The weather here is really starting to get to me. Past week and particularly yesterday were kind of brutal. There’s too much gray, and I’m tired of trudging through snow and slush. The sidewalks are mostly clear, but there’s a good layer of packed snow and some corners aren’t properly cleared. Well, one more day of this. My flight leaves tomorrow at 5 PM, so there’s a chance I could get delayed. Same with Philadelphia where my transfer is… I hear there’s a massive storm scheduled for Sunday, so I hope it waits until AFTER I leave to strike!

It looks like I can’t upload any video of the handhelds in action, so I guess if I want to share experiences with playing, that will have to be through collector copies – or maybe via Learning Games Initiative…not sure on that one.

I’ve gone through most of Softalk – just about 12 more months left, and these are fairly narrow issues. Then there’s some Softalk IBM PC. Actually, with all the videogames I still need to play and look at (taking detailed impression notes) and the stack of gamer mags, PLUS copying these slides, I MIGHT not complete EVERYTHING I intended to do… Softalk is a priority, and the slides I can label as kind of essential. It depends on how long it takes to scan a slide, but the archivist can do those at a later date if I don’t get around to them.

I’m not sure if there is anything else left in the archives that’s of interest, but tomorrow looks like it will be pretty packed.

I had some udon for lunch, which was tasty, but cut into my time. I hope I have time to get sushi tomorrow! I always feel happy after that! I’ve also been fatigued from lack of sleep and the long walks and probably not eating as well as I should. Exercise is important for doing sedentary research, but having the right calories and nutrients goes hand in hand with that.

I suppose if there’s one more thing on my list, it’s to view the records of the baseball simulator, but that’s not related to the Crash – more to my research of pre-1973 games. Otherwise, if I can finish going through Softalk, I will have more than accomplished what I set out to do, incomplete records in the archive notwithstanding. This was an incredibly productive trip, and I can’t wait to get back (take a rest) and start the seroius work of sorting through this enormous stack of photocopies.


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